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Our vineyards are located in the hilly landscape of the Goriška brda region, where the favorable climate between the Mediterranean and the Alps, as well as minerals rich soil in Brda, provide vines with ideal conditions for growth; and for us winemakers the possibility of producing unique wines from Brda. The vineyards are up to 50 years old, and have a deep and branched root system that allows vines to tolerate weather extremes more easily. That is why we (even in not good vintages)  have a higher chance of top quality produce. The terraced vineyards are grassed. The vine is grown with a lower acre yield and nature-friendly. Most of the work is, due to terroir and our philosophy, done manually. Grapes are all hand-harvested exclusively from our vineyards, where we do not use fertilizers and herbicides. We are always trying to understand the micro-locations of the individual vineyard - by looking for the optimal balance in terms of soil, altitude, climate, variety, training, protection, yield, harvest time and vintage. Healthy and ripe grapes are the most important factor for our wine production.

We cultivate 9 ha of vineyards spread on the Slovenian and Italian sides of the Goriška brda. We grow mainly white varieties, of which the front runners are two traditional varieties: rebula (it. ribolla gialla) and sauvignonasse/ sauvignon vert (former tokaj friulano).


● Plešivo (brajda) – sauvignonasse, sauvignon, beli pinot, sivi pinot, chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, merlot

● Medana (Kozlink) – rebula

● Biljana (Robida) – rebula, malvazija, merlot, sauvignon, sauvignonasse

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