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Wines are vinified and matured in stainless tanks, thus preserving the primary aromas of varieties. They are carefully cultivated, quite complex, mineral, with a pleasant freshness. The ripe grapes for this wine line come from both young and old(er) vineyards.


rebula, jakot, sauvignon,

malvazija, chardonnay and

cabernet sauvignon.


Wines are produced from selected grapes of individual, older vineyards and matured for a long(er) time in oak barrels. We produce these wines only in very good/ excellent vintages. They ferment on their own yeasts, are macerated and unfiltered.


rebula Robida, jakot Plešivo, sauvignon Plešivo and 

cabernet sauvignon.


The selections are the signature wines of Borut Blažič; he creates them only in the best vintages and in limited quantities. The selections are exceptional, rich and complex wines that ferment with their own yeasts, are macerated

and unfiltered.


Blaž belo, Blaž rdeče and

rebula selekcija.


The wine is of a medium intense golden yellow colour. The bouquet is vibrant and clear with notes of ripe apples and citruses. It’s pleasantly tasty, with a harmonious combination of acids, elegance of body and minerality with a nice fruity aftertaste. A nice fresh and young rebula that is just great partner for starter food.



The wine is of golden yellow colour with an emphasised characteristical varietal scent, reminiscent of lemon peel, ripe white fruit and field flowers. Its taste delights us with elegant freshness, minerality and a nice aftertaste.

Vintage: 2022


Medium deep, golden yellow, varietal flowers reminiscent of white peaches, gooseberries, spices.  In the mouth, the wine is dry, bold – full of taste and longer aftertaste. Almost Californian in style, with lively acids. Nice, clear, rugged Sauvignon!



The wine is golden yellow in color and very drinkable - suitable for an aperitif or as an accompaniment to lighter (pre)dishes. The nose is dominated by aromas of green apples, pears, peaches and tropical fruits, which pair well with the playfulness and warmth in the mouth. The wine is distinguished by its elegant body and medium long aftertaste.


cab sau.jpg

Ruby colors with delicate purple hues. The nose is dominated by aromas of blueberries, black cherries, prunes and dried spices. The taste is dominated by the harmony of tannins and acidity, which gives the wine drinkable character, one of the main trump cards of the wine with a medium-body and nice aftertaste.



Vintage: 2022

jakot plesivo.jpg

Sparkling and intensive golden yellow colour. Its scent is intensive, rich and fine, reminiscent mimosa, acacia, citrus and white fruit. The wine is dry, soft and mineral, fresh, of intensive flavour and a long and persistent aftertaste, full bodied and with elegant harmony.

Vintage: 2014

sauvignon plesivo.jpg

The wine is of a golden yellow colour. Its scent is intensive, rich, fine and reminiscent of elder, black currant, dried grass and tomato leaves. It is dry, soft, pleasantly fresh and mineral, with serious, upright body and elegant taste with a lasting aftertaste. An exceptional  sauvignon.

Vintage: 2015

cabernet sauvignon.jpg

The wine is of ruby red colour with a pleasant aroma of ripe blueberries, black cherries, dry plums and spicy herbs. It has got a pleasant taste with a harmony of structure, tannins and acids, for which the wine is nicely drinkable.

Vintage: 2019

malv sel.png


Vintage: 2019

merlot robida.png










Vintage: 2020

merlot sel.png


rebula robida.jpg

Rebula Robida, ki je ime dobila po vinogradu, je intenzivno zlato rumene barve, bogatega in zrelega vonja po zrelem sadju, začimbah in suhem cvetju. V ustih je elegantno z umirjeno kislino, uravnoteženo mineralnostjo in prijetnim harmoničnim pookusom.

Aktualni letnik: 2020

rebula selekcija.jpg

Rebula selekcija je pridelana iz odličnega letnika, iz izbranih leg in izbranega grozdja. Je globoke jantrno oranžne barve. Na vonju je zrela, bogata in pestra – v ospredju suhe marelice, posušeno cvetje, začimbe. Na okusu uglajeni tanini in prijetna svežina s polnim, dolgim in mineralnim pookusom.

Aktualni letnik: 2016

blaz belo.jpg

Blaž belo (rebula, chardonnaya, beli pinot, sauvignonasse) je intenzivne, globoke jantarne barve z bogatim, kompleksnim in finim vonjem po suhem sadju – jabolčni krhlji, lupine agrumov, rozine. Na okusu elegantno krepko, intenzivno in zelo harmonično z dolgim toplim pookusom.

Aktualni letnik: 2019

blaz rdece.jpg

Blend of merlot and cabernet. It is of rich and deep ruby colour with red and violet shades. The aroma is complex and rich – in the foreground overripe berries and plums, and in the background the scent of spices and dark chocolate. It is of a bold and proud body with velvety tannins and a long-lasting fruity aftertaste.


Vintage: 2015, 2008

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